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Tannery beside the Water of Leith at Currie


All gone!

Edinburgh at Work  -  James Hewit & Sons  -  Tannery at Currie, Edinburgh

 Copyright: Peter Stubbs  -   peter.stubbs@edinphoto.org.uk                                                              Photograph taken March 2, 2013


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   The site of Hewit & Sons' Leather Works beside the Water of Leith at Currie.  The company had stopped trading and their works had been demolished by the time that this photo was taken in 2013.


 J Hewit & Sons

I last visited J Hewit & Sons as a working concern in 2006.  The company was then expecting to close down, and expecting the premises and land to be sold for development.

Returning to the site in March 2013, this is all that remained, looking down on the old site and across the Water of Leith to the Pentland Hills.

The sign reads:





Andrew Barlee

I last passed the site of the J Hewit & Sons leather works at Currie a fgew months ago.  I did not stop there, but it appeared that housing was being built on the site.

However I was pleased to receive the message below from Andrew Barlee today, giving me some encouraging news about his company.

Andrew wrote:

J Hewit & Sons

Still in Business!

"My family run J Hewit & Sons leather tannery.

I was recently looking through the Internet, trying to find photos of the company and I came across your collection of photos.  At the end of your collection there is a note saying that the company was thinking about closing in 2006 and when you went back in 2013 it had gone.

I'm just informing you that we are in fact still running but we are no longer in Edinburgh.  We now operate in an industrial estate on the edge of Livingston.

I was very pleased to find your photos and I just wanted to let you know that we're still around.  Here is a link to our web site."

Andrew Barlee:  17 June 2016


J Hewit & Sons - tannery

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