Lothian & Borders Fire Brigade

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Control Room

Lothian & Borders Fire Brigade  -  The Control Room at Tollcross  -  1993

Control Centre at Tollcross Fire Station  -  22 June 1993

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs  -   peter.stubbs@edinphoto.org.uk                                                                                  Photo taken 22 June 1993

Tollcross Fire Station

The Control Centre

Lothian & Borders Fire Brigade's Control Room was situated at Tollcross Fire station when I visited the station in 1993.

A short distance away is the old Lauriston Place Fire Station, which then housed admin offices and a Museum with the old Control Room:

The Telephone Operator's desk at Lauriston Place Fire Station  -  26 July 1994


Fire Brigade

Fire Stations

The old  fire station, now a fire station museum, in Lauriston Place  -  1935

Fire Engines

 A 1906  Merryweather Fire King fire engine outside Braid Place Fire Station

Recent Photos

   Fire at  Union Street, Edinburgh  -  13 March 1993