Clark Stonemasons

Canonmills 1991 and Granton 1995


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Clark Stonemasons were based at Canonmills, Edinburgh, across the road from the Esso Petrol Station, until 1991. 

A sign on the side of the building read 'Stonecraft, part of the Ogilvy Group'  though I knew the company as Clark, both at Canonmills and subsequently at Granton.

Clark Stonemasons  -  Canonmills, Edinburgh  -  carving stone

These were large premises - cold and draughty when I visited them in  February 1991.  I had seen little activity at the stonemasons in the weeks before my visit.  Apparently it was because their workers had been away for the previous three or four months, installing an English garden for a client in Japan.

Clark Stonemasons  -  Canonmills, Edinburgh  -  carving stone       Clark Stonemasons  -  Canonmills, Edinburgh  -  carving stone

In the foreground of this photo are pillars for a balustrade, soon to be delivered to the north-east of England.  A lathe in the corner of the workshop was used to turn the pillars.  Here, a worker is carefully watching the lathe turning. 

The exposure for the first photo below was about 10 seconds in very dull light.  I did not even have to ask the worker to stand still!

Clark Stonemasons  -  Canonmills, Edinburgh  -  at the lathe       Clark Stonemasons  -  Canonmills, Edinburgh  -  at the lathe

After leaving their Canonmills premises, Clark stonemasons moved to a new base in one of the buildings on land used by Bruce the builder at West Shore Road, Granton.

Their Canonmills premises were then used for selling Christmas trees each December for the next few years - 1991 to 1995.  The premises were demolished in 1996 and Christmas trees were sold from the plot of land created by the demolition in 1996.

Modern apartments for short-term let have now been built on the site.

West Shore Road, Granton

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My only visit to Clark stonemasons at their new premises in West Shore Road, Granton, Edinburgh was in the summer of 1995. 

I believe the company did not remain at that site much longer.

Clark Stonemasons  -  West Short Road, Granton, Edinburgh  -  The Stone Yard  -  1995

The land at West Shore Road  is within the area now known as  Edinburgh Waterfront, an area of major development over between around 2002 and  2020.

Edinburgh Waterfront

    Edinburgh Waterfront  -  Aerial Photos  -  2001


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