Opening Ceremony for the

Devlin Fountain

in Starbank Park


Group at Starbank Park

Ceremony for the opening of the "Devllin" fountain at Starbank Park  -  23 May 1910

  Reproduced by courtesy of Archie Foley, Joppa, Edinburgh


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   Ceremony for the opening of the "Devllin" fountain at Starbank Park  -  23 May 1910


Opening Ceremony for the Devlin Fountain


Starbank Park

Starbank Park lies on high ground, sloping down towards the Firth of Forth, a short distance to the west of Newhaven Harbour.

The ceremony for the opening of the Devlin Fountain in Starbank Park  was held on 23 May 1910. 

Here is another photograph of the opening ceremony in 1910:

Ceremony for the opening of the "Devllin" fountain at Starbank Park  -  23 May 1910

Acknowledgement:  Archie Foley, Joppa, Edinburgh

The photo at the top of this page and the thumbnail image above are from a series of photos posted onto boards in an old album that Archie Foley acquired a few years ago.  Archie believes that these are likely to be official photos that probably once belonged to Leith City Council.


The Scotsman newspaper reported the following morning:

Fountains Presented to Leith

"Provost Malcolm Smith, yesterday, on behalf of Leith Town Council, formally received the custody of a fountain at Starbank Park and a drinking fountain at Annfield, the gifts of Mr Thomas Devlin, J.P., merchant, Newhaven.

The fountains are of neat design.  The drinking fountain is placed on ground recently acquired by the Council from the Caledonian Railway Company on lease as a pleasure ground.

Mr Devlin was thanked for his gifts.

The Scotsman:  May 24, 1910,  p.6


T L Devlin

Thomas Leishman Devlin has played a prominent part in the life of Newhaven and Granton.  In the 1880s, he sold fish.  From the early 1890s, until his death in 1919, he built up his wealth through establishing a fleet of trawlers that sailed out of Granton.


Devlin Fountain

Who is in the photograph?

The Group

I assume there will be several Leith Town Councillors and their partners in this group.  There is certainly a good collection of ladies hats and bowlers and top hats for the men.

 If you are able to identify any of the people in this photo,  especially anybody from the Devlin family, please email me.  Then I'll pass on your message on to John Devlin, Sun City, Florida, USA, a descendant of the family who is keen to discover more about the family.

Thank you.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh: January 18, 2011


Devlin Fountain

Devlin Family