St Mary's School

York Lane, Edinburgh

The Football Team  -  mid-1950s

St Mary's School, York Lane  -  Football Team, mid-1950s

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to  Ron Goldie, Peine, Germany whose father took this photo



Ron Goldie

Peine, Germany

Thank you to Ron Goldie, now living in Peine, Germany, for allowing me to reproduce this photograph, taken by his father of St Mary's school football team. 

Ron wrote:

St Mary's School  -  Football team

"I was the goalkeeper, until we were beaten 21-0 one day.

I'm the original 'hide under the bed goalkeeper', whose mother tried to entice me out with a chocky bicky and saying:

'Never mind son, most goalkeepers get beat 21-0 at some time in their career.' 

Needless to say, I didn't follow a career in football."

Ron Goldie, Peine, Germany:  4+5 August, 2009.



George T Smith

Peine, Germany

Thank you to George T Smith who added:

St Mary's School  -  Football team

"The team is both better looking and better clad than most  of that and earlier eras. Clearly the photo was taken after a match and before the bath"

George T Smith, Naomi, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada:  August 6, 2009



Jim Flynn

Oxgangs, Edinburgh

Thank you to Jim Flynn for providing the names of some of the football players in this team.

Jim wrote:

Football Team

"From the left the first three lads are:

Jimmy Jone

Peter Harkins

Alex McGillivray

The lad second from the right I remember as:

 Tommy ( Cassidy?).

St Mary's School, York Lane  -  Football Team, 1950s

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Jim Flynn, Oxgangs, Edinburgh:  January 24, 2010


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