St Mary's Primary School

York Lane

Around 1953

School class -  St Margaret's RC Primary School, York Lane  -  c.1953

© Reproduced with acknowledgement to Danny Callaghan, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland                         Photographer not known


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    School class -  St Margaret's RC Primary School, York Lane  -  c.1953 ©


St Mary's Primary School, York Lane 

Around 1953


1st Row

2nd Row

3rd Row

4th Row


1 Daniel Callaghan ? Wilma Scullion:
She lived next to Taylor's Bakery shop, Canonmills
Michael Hill
from Brfedalbane Street
2 ??? Duffy
Donald Hope
? Dorothy Andrew Black
3 James Duffy ? ?

Phillip Morrelli
from Union Place


Michael Fallon

Jim Christie
from Iona Street,
now living in Currie

Edith Grere Mary McErlain ?
5 Billy McGeichie Helen McGee Elizabeth Connolly
of Saxe Cockburg Street, Stockbridge
John Ewan
6 Ronald Sponer
Ronald Szponer
Elizabeth Doig
from St James Square
Isobel Gregory  
7   Joe Lucas
Joseph Hislop
8   Jan Luckaz(Polish) Ann Rogers  
9   Jackie Cochrane Elizabeth Livingston
from London Road

now living in Currie

10     Rosie Carr
from Jamaica Street (now gone as I knew it).  She was the class tomboy/girl.
I've been told she is now a lawyer and a pillar of respectability.

Thank you to:

-  Danny Callaghan, Falkirk, Stirlingshire  for supplying these names, on Nov 3, 2009

-  Elizabeth Ross (née Connelly), North Yorkshire, for supplying these names on Jan 9, 2010

-  Jim  Christy, Currie, Edinburgh, for supplying these names on Sep 21, 2010

-  William Neilson for supplying these names on 17 August 2016




Danny Callaghan

Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland

St Mary's Primary School, York Lane

Thank you to Danny Callaghan for sending me this photograph of his school class at St Mary's RC School, York Lane, taken around 1953.

Danny also sent me this photograph of his father's school class, also at St Mary's RC School, York Lane, taken around 1920.

School class -  St Margaret's RC Primary School, York Lane  -  c.1920 ©

Danny Callaghan:  Falkirk, Sterlingshire, Scotland:  October 19, 2009



Danny Callaghan

Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland


Thank you to Danny Callaghan for providing the names below.  Danny tells me that he was given some prompting by Edith Caulfield.

Danny wrote:

"Alex Eagan of Broughton Road and Mike Parker of Broughton Street would have been in my class if I had not been off ill so much in the first term.

I also remember Peter White.

I'm sure there were more than 30 pupils in our class, so some must have been off sick, etc."

Danny Callaghan:  Falkirk, Sterlingshire, Scotland:  November 3, 2009

More Names?

If you recognise anybody else in this photo, please email me so that I can add their name to the table above.    Thank you

Peter Stubbs:  Edinburgh:  November 4, 2009




Bill Neilson

Edinburgh EH15

Thank you to William (Bill) Neilson, who lived at Pilrig, Edinburgh; then Restalrig; now EH15, for providing the names of some of the pupils in the photo above.  (They are the names in red in the table below.)

William mentions that:

-   she arrived at St. Mary's in early 1951 from Holy Cross Academy, due to a change of address

she seems to have been one of the absentees when that photo was taken, but nevertheless has provided the names in red in the table below.

William also gave the lists below of the pupils and teachers in 1953.


I remember:

-  Miss Dorian   (First Infants).
-  Miss Harkins.
-  Miss Edwards.
-  Miss O'Hara.
-  Miss Loftus.
-  Mrs Clarke.

There was also:

-  a lady teacher who occupied the annex in Albany Street.
-  a lady gym teacher
-  a lady music teacher.
-  Mr. Clarke (who was married to Mrs Clarke).
-  Mr. Mulvey.

Headmasters were:

-   Mr.Mcabe

-  Mr. Mulhall.


-  Daniel Callahan.
-  Phillip Morelli.
-  William Neilson (writer).
-  Donald Hope.
-  Jan Luckaz.
-  Peter Crilley.
-  Peter Wynn.
-  Kenneth Lyon.
-  Norman Lynch.
-  Ronald Szponer.
-  John Ewing.
-  Jackie Cochrane.
-  Joseph Kelleghar.
-  Andrew Black.
-  James Duffy.

Some boys who joined the class later were:

-  Michael Fallon.
-  Michael Hill.
-  Frank Boucher.
-  Karl Nat- tis- ovitch (Polish)
-  Joe O'Donell.
-  There was also a Norwegian boy whose name I can't recall.


-  Mary McKerlain.
-  Eileen Clark.
-  Elizabeth Connoly.
-  Elizabeth Doig.
-  Elizabeth Livingstone.
-  Rosemary Carr.
-  Anne Rogers.
-  Wilma Scullion.
-  Edith Cavenagh.
-  Edith Grere.
-  Isabel Gregory.
-  Yadja Burzevic  (Polish).
-  Helen Ramsey.

William (Bill) Neilson, Edinburgh EH15:  17 August 2016 (2 emails)
William is the husband of Margaret Neilson who attended
St Mary's, Star of the Sea school at Leith.





Bill Neilson

Edinburgh EH15

Thank you to William (Bill) Neilson for writing again, giving me the names of 3 more pupils in this photo.  (See the table above.)

William also wrote:


I remember:

-  Father Davidson.

-  Father Tweedie

-  Father O'Gradey

-  Father Dalrymple

-  Father Gibbons

-  Monseigneur Breen

Other Pupils

I remember:

Donald Hope moved from Albert Street to The Inch shortly after the photo was taken.  He apparently moved back to Albert Street because we both met again at St. Anthony's. He lived just round the corner from me and we would often meet up after school.  We were both in the A.T.C.  I moved away from Pilrig to Restarting shortly after leaving school and met him again, once at St. Ninnian's Youth Club and once at the Cavendish dance hall . I haven't seen him since.

James Duffy was also at St. Anthony's. I also met him once at the dancing.

Jackie Cochrane (Cumberland Street), Ronnie Szponer (Craigleith), John Ewing and Joe Hislop were also at St. Anthony's at the main building. There were probably others who I can't remember. There would be some who went to Strang's, which seemed like a different school.  We were all in technical classes.

-  The girls I remember who attended St. Anthony's were Elizabeth Livingstone, Rosemary Carr,. Elizabeth Doig, Isabel Gregory.

-  Danny Callaghan (Recollections 1 and 2 above) mentioned Bernard Devlin.  I knew him from St. Ninnian's youth club.  The last I heard of him, he had joined the navy.

Elizabeth Livingstone I met a few times when we were 16 or 17. She attended St. Ninnian's youth club Sept/Nov. 1960. I remember dancing with her. I would also meet up with her on a Thursday evening after night classes. I attended James Gillespie's evening classes (1960) and she attended The Royal High. When classes finished at 9pm. I could cycle down to Regent Road in 10 minutes, catch up with her half way down and walk home with her. (I lived about a mile further on.)   I have never seen her since.

-  I remember you in Miss White's class.  I would be about three desks behind Danny Callaghan. The desks were doubles and I sat beside Jan Luckaz. In front of me was Joe Hislop and behind me were Ronnie Szponer and John Ewing

-  I recall, along with Jan Luckaz, being selected as an Alter Boy. That involved learning the Mass responses in Latin. Lessons were carried out during lunch break and were given by Michael Fallon, who later I believe became a priest. So, for many months, the three of us spent our break in the classroom studying Latin."



Further Education

"I left school at 15 and, after a couple of office jobs, decided that I would rather learn a trade.  My parents weren't too pleased but I was determined.  For fifty years it served me well and I never had a day's unemployment.

However, early on I  realised that my education was sadly lacking so I attended night classes, attaining a couple of Highers. 

This encouraged me to take things further, so it was on to university.  (It had to be part time because of job commitments.) I took six years to obtain an B.A. Hons.  That's it in a nutshell.

William (Bill) Neilson, Edinburgh EH15:  3 September 2016



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