At the former POW Camp

Subsequently used for Housing

Christmas Party  -  1950


RJ Hannan (Press Photos), Edinburgh


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    Christmas Party, 1950 at the former Prisoner of War Camp, Sighthil




James Preston

Billingham, Cleveland, England

After writing about the living conditions on the former POW Camp at Sighthill, James Preston added:

Communal Spirit

"It may come over as a rather bleak place, but it really was not as everyone was in the same boat.

Although there was not a lot of money, they still had a good communal spirit with parties at Christmas in one of the Nissan huts which was used as a Community Centre."

James Preston, Billingham, Cleveland, England:  July 22 + August 15, 2013

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Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  August 15, 2013



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