'The Porty Rebels'

Portobello Promenade  -  Around 1950

Group of Children at the foot of the Stair, 1 Ramsay Lane

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Jim Cairns, Dunfermline, Fife:           Photo taken by an unknown Scandinavian photographer



Jim Smart

Bournemouth, Dorset, England

Thank you to Jim Smart, Bournemouth, for sending me the photograph above of himself and others on a Sunday afternoon walk on Portobello Promenade.

 Jim wrote:

Sunday Afternoon

"This photo was taken around 1950.  As you can see the tide is in, so there would have been no football match on the beach this day.

Chances are, the photo would have been taken on a Sunday afternoon.  As you can see, we are all 'suited'.

It would have been taken mid-way along our walk  -  Bath Street to Joppa Rocks, then back to Seafield, then Seafield to Bath Street."

'The Porty Rebels'

"In the photo are (left to right):

-  Jim Smart (me), Bath Street.

-  Tommy D'Arcy, Pipe Street then 'The Binghams'.

-  Jackie Innes, Bath Street.

-  Tommy Morgan, Tower Street.

-  Billy Dempsey, Adelphi Place."

Jim Smart, Bournemouth, Dorset, England:  February 6, 2011



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