Street Party

Newton Street



Street Party in Newton Street, Gorgie, 1953

   Reproduced with acknowledgement to Pam Lamb, Balerno, Edinburgh


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   Street Party in Newton Street, Gorgie, 1953



Pam Lamb

Balerno, Edinburgh

Thank you to Pam Lamb who wrote:

Family Research

"I have been researching my family tree ever since my father died in 2007. My father and Mother were brought up in Gorgie and I have enjoyed reading the Gorgie Recollections as they have given me an insight into his life around the 1940, 1950s and 1960s."

Street Party

"Here is a photo of a street party taken in Newton Street (I think) in 1953 to celebrate  the Queen's Coronation.

My mother and uncle are in the photo as are lots of other children and adults."

Pam Lamb, Balerno, Edinburgh:  May 15, 2012


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