1960s Group

'The Moonrakers'

'The Moonrakers'  -  1960s

Edinburgh Groups in the 1960s  -  The Moonrakers

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to photographer, Tony Jedrez, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England



-  Gordon Taylor (drums)
-  John Wykes (vocalist)
-  Davy Wilson

-  Derek Mcdonald (bass guitar)
-  Graeme (Grum) Taylor (lead guitar)


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     Edinburgh Groups in the 1960s  -  'Moonrakers' on the roof


'The Moonrakers'

Graeme Taylor, one of the 'Moonrakers' wrote:

On the Roof

"This photo of the band was taken on the rooftop of Orange Lodge, South Bridge / Nicolson Street, opposite Chambers Street.  We had a practice room there.

It was great until someone stole our VOX AC 30 amplifier.  We were one of the first bands to use this amp which is still used to this day and is regarded as one of the best!"

Graeme Taylor, Edinburgh, August 2, 2008


This view looks to the NE, across the Old Town of Edinburgh towards the Nelson Monument on Calton Hill.

On Stage

Here is a photograph of two of 'The Moonrakers'.  Here, they are  on stage at McGoos.

Two of the Moonrakers pop group performing on stage at Magoos in the 1960s


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