1960s Group

'The Moonrakers'

The Moonrakers  -  1960s

Edinburgh Groups in the 1960s  -  'The Moonrakers'

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to photographer, Tony Jedrez, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England


-  Graeme (Grum) Taylor (lead guitar)
-  John Wykes (vocalist)
-  John Robertson standing in for Derek Mcdonald (bass guitar)
-  Gordon Taylor (drums)


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     Edinburgh Groups in the 1960s  -  'The Moonrakers'


'The Moonrakers'

The Photo

Graeme Taylor, one of the 'Moonrakers' wrote:

"This photo was taken in  McGoos 'Managers Office', where all the 'stars' used to go and have a chat with Mr Demarco (the Manager).  He was an ex-Priest, brother of Richard Demarco, the well known Edinburgh artist."

Graeme Taylor, Edinburgh, August 2, 2008

Radio Scotland Magazine

A cropped copy of this photograph and an accompanying article comes from '242', the magazine of the 1960s pirate radio station, 'Radio Scotland' that broadcast pop music on Medium Wave 242 from a ship moored offshore, off East Lothian in the Firth of Forth.

Here I have displayed the whole photo, including a poster of the Moonrakers on the wall in the background.  The only item that I have edited out of the photo (with the help of Photoshop) is a 'Ladies Only' sign written on the door in the background.

This photo was taken in the office at Magoos Club.

The Moonies

The magazine, '242', reported:

"A gleaming black van noses its way through the crowd and grinds to a halt.  Within minutes, its shiny surface has been transformed into a mass of Dusky Peach, Bois de Rose and Honey Pink lipstick scrawls.

The Moonrakers have arrived.

The 'Moonies', as they are better known have established themselves among Edinburgh's top groups."

The article mentioned that the group's fan club was run by the group's managers and currently had a membership of 500, and that to join the fan club:

"a 2/6d postal order must be enclosed.  What do you get for your half-crown?  A fabulous picture of the boys plus concessions on all out-of-town performances."

"The group are soon to do a tour of the north of Scotland."


On the same page as the above article the magazine carried a small advert for the treatment of  "Acne, Boils and Pimples! Do they cause you embarrassment?"

and an advert for "this wonderful full-size classical guitar, only 7 gns, cash".


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