Miss Shanks' Persevere Entertainers


Miss Shanks' Persevere Entertainers  -  1932

Miss Shanks' Persevere Entertainers, 1932

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Michelle Lowe, Liverpool, England


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   Miss Shanks' Persevere Entertainers, 1932




Michelle Lowe

Liverpool, England

Thank you to Michelle Lowe who wrote:

Miss Shanks' Persevere Entertainers

"My grandmother, Alexena Littlejohn, moved to Liverpool and married a man called Thomas Rymer and they had two daughters, Elaine (my mum) and Pat.

My mum was so excited when she saw the picture on your site.

Photograph of 'Miss Shanks  -  Persevere Entertainers, 1932'

She has very few photos of her mum so for her to see this one was fantastic for her!

Michelle Lowe, Liverpool, England:  3 August, 2015