The Back Green

41 Leven Street


Ina with a foot on the beer keg in the back green of 41 Leven Street

The Back Gren of 41 Leven Street, 1970

© Margaret Williamson (née Hay), Moline, Illinois, USA                                                                                               Photo taken 1970




Margaret Williamson (née Hay)

Moline, Illinois, USA

Thank you to Margaret Williamson (née Hay) who wrote:

41 Leven Street

Buildings beside our Back Green

"Beside our house at 41 Leven Street we had a pend and a back green.  It was between the Auld Toll Bar and  Mr McNaughton's wee plumber's shop, which later became a cafe.  In the pend were:

-  Mr Balderstone's wee place where they worked on tile fireplaces.

-  Mr McNaughton's a work building, ,just a wee one.

A bigger building where the pub used to store beer.  They would bring in the kegs in a couple of times a week.

Return Visit in 1970

"When we returned to have a look at our auld hoose in 1970, we found 3 empty kegs lying around, so I assume the pub still uses this building for there beer.

There just happened to be one keg beside the back green, so my sister posed for me there."

The Back Gren of 41 Leven Street, 1970 ©

We found that there is now a big door on the front of the close near our auld hoose, Leven Close.  You now need a key to get in."

Margaret Williamson (née Hay), Moline, Illinois, USA:  December 3 + 10, 2012


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