The Jokers

Rhythm & Blues Band

Leith Pageant  -  1964

'The Jokers' at Leith Pageant, 1964
  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Frank Ferri, Newhaven, Edinburgh


The Jokers

Thank you to Frank Ferri for sending me this photograph of his band, 'The Jokers, Rhythm & Blues' .  The photo was taken at the Leith Festival in 1964.

The members of the group in this photo are (left to right):

-  Eddie Steadman:  lead guitar

-  Derek Hodge:  drums

-  Frank Ferri:  vocals

-  John Flemming:  bass

-  Charlie MacDonald:  rhythm guitar

Frank Ferri:  Newhaven, Edinburgh:  April 12, 2009


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