1960s Group?

'The Images

of Edinburgh'

Images of Edinburgh  -  1960s?

'Images of Edinburgh'  -  a group from the 1960s?

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to John Gray, Stenhouse, Edinburgh.                                                   Photographer not known

'The Images of Edinburgh'


Thank you to John Gray, Stenhouse, Edinburgh for sending me the photograph above.

John wrote:

"My wife has just received this photo from a recently deceased auntie's collection.  It is one of two photos of the group found  amongst a collection of 1500 family photos.

I'm guessing that they are from around the1960s.  I wonder if anyone has any idea who these guys were."

John Gray, Stenhouse, Edinburgh:  August 29, 2010

Another Photo

Here is the other photograph of the 'The Images of Edinburgh' that was sent to me by John Gray:

Photograph of the group, 'Images of Edinburgh'  -  possibly 1960s


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