Dalry Primary School

Around 1956

Dalry Primary School Class, around 1956

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Douglas William Garry, Saughton Mains, Edinburgh (on the left in the top row)


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    Dalry Primary School Class, around 1956




Douglas William Gary

Hutchison, Edinburgh

Thank you to Douglas William Garry, Hutchison, Edinburgh for sending me this photograph of his class at Dalry Primary School.

Douglas added:

School Class

"I lived at 61 Gorgie Road from when I was born in 1948 until 1960 when we moved out to Saughton Mains.  I attended Dalry Primary School from 1953 until 1960.

Here is a photograph of my class, taken around 1956.  I remember many of the names in the class and would be interested to make contact with them."

Douglas William Garry, Hutchison, Edinburgh:  January 23, 2011

Reply to Douglas

If you'd like to send a reply to Douglas, please email me, then I'll pass on your message to him.  Thank you.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  February 1, 2011




Brian Russell

Gorgie, Edinburgh

Thank you to Brian Russell who wrote:

School Class

"I recognise almost everybody in this photo.  Here are some of the names:

-  BACK ROW, 4TH FROM LEFT:  Ian Tweedale

-  BACK ROW, 3RD FROM RIGHT:  Alan Turnbull

-  MIDDLE ROW, FAR RIGHT:  Wullie Aitken


-  MIDDLE ROW, 4TH FROM RIGHT:  Christine Graham - not 100% sure

-  FRONT LEFT:  Jimmy Bathgate

* passed away, 2010

Brian Russell, Gorgie, Edinburgh:  March 15, 2011


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