Canonmills School


School Class  -  1949

Canonmills school class photograph  -  1949

JR Coltart & Son                                          Reproduced with acknowledgement to Ian Scott, Hazelmere, Buckinghamshire, England


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   Canonmills School Class - 1949


Canonmills School

Thank you to Ian Scott, Hazelmere, Buckinghamshire, England for allowing me to reproduce this photo.

Ian wrote:

School Class

"Here is a photo of my school class at Canonmills Primary School.  These are some of the pupils in the photo:

Betty Rintoul

Mary Miller

May Oldham

Pearl Roberts

Marjerie Muir

Janet Clark

,Robert Taylor

Elanor Watt

.Violet Fox

Frank Gibson

Tommy McCail,

- Alaister and Alexander McDonald, twins twins and went to Australia under the 'Big Brother' scheme.

The teachers in this photo are Mr Harley and Miss Barnes."

Ian Scott, Hazelmere, Buckinghamshire, England:  May 8, 2010

Four Years Earlier

Here is another photograph of the same class at Canonmills Primary School, this one taken four years later.

    Canonmills School Class - 1945


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