8th Leith

Boys' Brigade

50th Jubilee?


This photo may have been taken in Glasgow at the 50th Jubilee of the Boys' Brigade in 1933

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Ronald Stout, Denmark




Ronald Stout


Thank you to Ronald Stout, a former member of the 8th Leith Boys Brigade at Pilrig Church, Edinburgh, who has lived in Denmark since 1970, for allowing me to reproduce this photo.

Ronald wrote:

50th Jubilee?

"This photo may have been taken at the Boys' Brigade 50th Jubilee in Glasgow, in 1933.

My late father,Sergeant William Stout, 8th Leith Boys' Brigade, is nearest the camera.  He was a member of the Boys' Brigade, both as a boy and later as an officer.

It is the future king (George VI) and queen who are shaking hands with representatives of the BB, Girl Guides and Boy Scouts."

Ronald Stout, Denmark:  February 13+19, 2012


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