Boys' Brigade

Leith 6th Battalion  -  St John's (East) Church

Running Team  -  Early 1950s

Boys' Brigade, Leith 6th Battalion  -  Running Team, c.1953-54

J Campbell Harper                       Reproduced with acknowledgement to Sheila Cull, Australia


Boys' Brigade

Leith 6th Battalion

Running Team  -  Early-1950s

Thank you to Sheila Cull, Barrack Heights, NSW, Australia for sending the photograph above, of the running team from the Boys' Brigade,

Sheila wrote:

Robert Cull

"My husband, Robert Cull, is in this photo.  He is the smallest boy in the front row, with the white shoes.  He does not remember the names of the others in the photo.

He tells me they were either the Leith or the Edinburgh Boys' Brigade champion cross-country team for that year, which was the early-1950s."

Sheila Cull, Barrack Heights, NSW, Australia:  August 7+8, 2011


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