Captain A J Lethem


A J Letham, Captain of 1st Leith Boys' Brigade Company from 1905 until 1928

Reproduced with acknowledgement to The 1st Leith BB Company Ex-Members' Association.

Thank you to Ian Ross, co-author of the book 'From Humble Beginnings',
for allowing me to see the 1st Leith Boys' Brigade collection of photos.


Captain A J Lethem

Captain, 1st Leith Boys' Brigade

Alexander John Letham was born in 1883 in Edinburgh into the Letham family, who had a business in Timberbush and later in Constitution Street, Leith:

 John Lethem & Sons, Merchants and Meat Purveyors

In 1905, at the age of 22, he became Captain of 1st Leith Boys' Brigade, a company connected to Leith North Parish Church Company.

During World War I, he was heavily involved in helping the Boys' Brigade to man the huts beside the National Galleries at the foot of the Mound that provided refreshment and accommodation for members of the Forces passing through Edinburgh.

Boys' Brigade Rest Huts at the Foot of the Mound during World War 1

In 1924, he bought a strip of land between Chancelot Mill and Ferry Road, close to his home, and arranged for it to be laid out with three football pitches and a cricket square for use by the Boys' Brigade.  The park was formally opened in 1926.

AJ Letham became Honorary Secretary then Chairman of the Boys' Brigade Leith Battalion, a post that he held until 1928.  He gifted Chancelot Park to the Leith Battalion in 1936, and it was re-named Letham Park.

He died at his home, 114 Trinity Road, Edinburgh in January 1940.

Source for above summary:  From Humble Beginnings (Steve Mitchell and Ian Ross)


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