Boer War Soldier?

Boer War Soldier?

A photograph possibly of a Boer War soldier  -  from which Regiment?

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to June Scott, Bonaly, Edinburgh

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    A photograph possibly of a Boer War soldier  -  from which Regiment? 


Boer War Soldier?

Here is a photograph approx 4 ins x 6 ins mounted on card 7.5 ins x 11 ins.  The photographer is not named.  It appears that the subject has been cut out, then re-photographed against a plain background.


Is this a photograph from the Boer War?  If so, from which regiment?  If you know, please e-mail me.

Thank you.   - Peter Stubbs:  October 17, 2006


Thank you to John Duncan, Newtongrange, Midlothian, for providing the following answer.

John wrote:

Scottish Horse

"The 'Boer War' soldier is actually WW1 although the unit was formed during the Boer War.  He is a member of the legendary Scottish Horse, they were a breed apart.

He can be identified by his tunic which has 3 vertical buttons on the cuff, unique to The Scottish Horse.

Do you have any idea who he is?  I am fascinated."

John Duncan, Newtongrange, Midlothian, Scotland: October 22, 2006

The owner of this photograph is currently trying to discover who is in the photo.  The only clue they have so far is the surname 'Kirk' which might or might not be relevant.

- Peter Stubbs:  October 22, 2006


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