1960s Edinburgh Group

'The Beachcombers'

The Beachcombers  -  1960s

The Beachcombers  -  1960s Ediinburgh Group

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Lenny Toshack                                                                                Photographer not known.

'The Beachcombers'

Thank you to Lenny Toshack for sending me the advertisement above for The Beachcombers.

Lenny wrote:

"The Beachcombers were the resident band at The Top Storey.

They and the Moonies kept a friendly rivalry, as did their fans.

The drummer, Eccles, is in fact a very successful publican, Kenny McLean Jnr."

Lenny Toshack, Leith, Edinburgh, July 31, 2008

The Group

After starting at the Stop Storey Club, the Beachcombers went on to play at The international and McGoos clubs in Edinburgh.  The group comprised:

-  Sandy Alexander:  bass guitar

-  David Paton:  lead guitar

-  David Anderson:  rhythm guitar

-  Kenneth McLean ('Eccles'): drums

-  Mike Cummings:  vocalist

The group played mainly American pop music.

The details above come from:  '242' the magazine of pirate radio station, Radio Scotland

Peter Stubbs:  August 3, 2008

Lenny added:

David Paton

"Davie Paton went on to find great success with the group, Pilot' who had several big hits in the 1970s, including 'January' and 'It's Magic'.

He was also was in Elton John's band for several years."

Lenny Toshack, Leith, Edinburgh, July 31, 2008


'The Beachcombers'

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