Canongate Girls' Club

Around 1956

Canongate Girls' Club  -  around 1958

©  Scott Brothers.   Reproduced with acknowledgement to Sheila Cull, (née Clark), Barrack Heights, NSW, Australia


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    Canongate Girls' Club  -  around 1958 ©


Canongate Girls' Club

Recollections - 1

Thank you to Sheila Cull (née Clark), now living in Australia for allowing me to reproduce the photograph above, and for providing names of several of the girls in this photo.  See the list at the bottom of this page.

Sheila wrote:

"I am guessing that the date of this photo is about 1958 and the girls were from the Canongate Girls' Club. I have no idea who took this photograph."

Sheila Cull (née Clark), Barrack Heights, NSW,Australia:  September 30, 2007


Canongate Girls' Club

Recollections - 2

Thank you to Bobby Waugh now living in Gympie, Queensland, Australia for providing further details.

Bobby  wrote:

"This picture must have been taken around 1956. The girl in the centre, leaning on the bicycle, is CATRINA DUFFUS. Catrina and I were married in 1958. (We have since divorced.) 

FRANCIS McDONALD, 2nd from right, married Ronnie Rooney who was in the Canongate Boys Choir as I was.  They went to Canada.  Unfortunately, Francis died in 2006

Maybe this little bit of info will jog other people's memories"

Bobby Waugh: near Gympie, Queensland, Australia:  November 16, 2007


Canongate Girls' Club

Recollections - 3

Thank you to Karen Wheeler for providing further details.

Karen wrote:

"The girl in the tennis whites, holding the tennis racket (9, below) is actually my mum, EILEEN ELLIOT.

She married Albert Wheeler from Leith in 1958. They live in England in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire and will be celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary on 8 February. 

Mum and Ron Rooney grew up together and are still very close cousins.  Ron married FRAN McDONALD (11).

Mum's brother, Eric Elliot married JAN FOLEY  who looks like the girl on Fran's right with the golf bag.  [But see 4 below.]

Mum has a copy of this photograph at home, but she has no idea who took the photo."

Karen Wheeler:  January 9, 2008


Canongate Girls' Club

Recollections - 4

Thank you to Archie Foley who replied to Karen's comments above

Archie wrote:

"Karen Wheeler's suggestion for the identity of  the girl  with the golf clubs (11) is not correct.

 My sister, Janette, also has a copy of this photo, but she is not the girl with the golf bag in the photo."

Archie Foley, Joppa, Edinburgh:  January 11, 2008

 Canongate Girls' Club

Recollections - 5

Thank you to Eileen Wheeler, née Elliot, who wrote:

"My daughter, Karen, drew my attention to this photograph of the Canongate Girls Club.

 I can tell you that girl No. 1 is Gladys McVicar and girl No. 2 in bathing costume is Pat Kent.

I'll get in touch with my cousin in Edinburgh and try and identify some of the others as yet unnamed."

Eileen Wheeler (née Elliot):  September 8, 2008


Canongate Girls' Club


Thank you to Sheila Cull for identifying  these girls.

Thank you to Bobby Waugh for identifying  these girls.

Thank you to Karen Wheeler for identifying  this girl.

Thank you to Eileen Wheeler for identifying  these girls.

The girls are (from left to right, with No 7 leaning on the bicycle):

  1.  Gladys McVicar

  2.  Pat Kent

  3.  Wilma Christie

  4.  Margaret Howie

  5.  ?

  6.  Yvonne McLennan

  7.  Catrina Duffus

  8.  Sheila Clark

  9.  Eileen Elliott

10.   Francis McDonald

11.  ?


Sheila Cull : September 30, 2007
 Bobby Waugh:  November 16, 2007
Karen Wheeler:  January 9, 2008
Eileen Wheeler (née Ellis): September 8, 2008

If you recognise any of the other girls in this photo, please e-mail me to let me know.  If you know who took this photo, please tell me so that I can try to contact them.

Thank you.    -  Peter Stubbs:  October 1, 2007


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