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Trams at Leith Depot

Leith Depot  -  Around 1934

Transport Depot  -  Washing the Trams

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to George Murray

Trams at Leith Depot

Thank you to George Murray, Edinburgh for sending me this photograph of trams in Leith Depot.


George wrote:

"I attach a photo which I received recently which was taken in Leith Depot probably in the early 1930's.  It would be interesting to see if your correspondents can explain why the ex cable car is undergoing repairs in the running depot rather than at Shrubhill works.

George Murray, Edinburgh:  January 15, 2007


Douglas Beath, Tasmania wrote:

"George Murray queries work on a tram at a running depot.  I cannot claim any knowledge of depot practices, but I query what work is being done.

All I see is both lifeguards removed from under the platforms.  Lifeguards were somewhat delicate wooden-slatted affairs and exposed to damage.  Perhaps running depots did repair their light and regular damage, to avoid transferring cars to Shrubhill Works.

Also, I suggest only light work  on the photographed car because the trolley seems to be on the overhead wire.   For heavy or electrical work, the car's power would surely be isolated by tying down the trolley.

Alternatively, as ex-cable car 81 was scrapped in 1932, perhaps it was already out of service and its lifeguards had been stripped off for use elsewhere.  Its destination blind has also gone.

Douglas Beath, Burnie, Tasmania, Australia:  January 17, 2007

Further Comment

George replied:

"Your correspondent from Tasmania has misread the fleet no. of the ex cable car - it is no 91 and not 81. (Edinburgh fleet nos have very heavy shading which makes them difficult to read, quite often.)

This makes the vehicle concerned a "Brown Marshall" car instead of a "Milnes" car.

Another source has suggested that the most likely date would be July/August 1934 as 366 was allocated to Leith in Feb 1934 and 91 had the front under-stairs exit doors permanently removed about July of the same year and was not withdrawn till Nov 1936.

This work could have been done locally at Leith but one would normally assume it would have been undertaken at Shrubhill.  Final scrapping  seems to have been done at Shrubhill."

George Murray, Edinburgh:  February 6, 2006




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