Granton Harbour



Steam Trawler GN37, Drumsheugh, at Granton Harbour in 1952

   Reproduced with acknowledgement to David Bain.  This photo was taken by David's late father, Tom Bain, in 1945


Granton Harbour  -  Minesweepers

Thank you to David Bain, now living in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, for sending me this photograph of three minesweepers in Granton Harbour'.

David wrote:

MFVs at Granton Harbour  -  1945

"The photograph of three MFVs* was taken at Granton in 1945,  taken by my late father, Tom Bain with his box Kodak.

I'm surprised my dad wasn't deaf.  All these minesweepers can be seen to be fitted with the 'bucket' on the bow.  This  was a device which detonated acoustic mines by clanging loudly.  It must have done wonders for the crew down in the foc'sle!"

David Bain, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England:  March 1 + 3, 2009

Here is a photo of the crew of one of these minesweepers, MFV1024

The Crew of Minesweeper MFV1024 - Photo taken in 1945

MFV is an abbreviation of Motor Fishing Vessel.

David Bain added:


"There were many types of MFV.  They were built by yards all over Britain to Admiralty specifications, so that after the war they could be converted to conventional fishing boats.

I've been told that, when decommissioned,  MFV1024 became PZ192, the "Jacqueline" of Penzance."

David Bain, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England:  March 3, 2009


Granton Harbour

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