Grierson Gordon Mitchell

1 Nicolson Square

1899 to 1921

Cabinet Print

Cabinet print from the studio of Grierson Gordon Mitchel  - Young Man and Trellis

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Grierson Gordon Mitchell

G G Nicolson died in 1916, but his business continued at 1 Nicolson Square until 1921. Who ran the business after his death?  Was it perhaps Mrs Maude Mitchell.

The back of this cabinet print is blank, except for the name 'Evelina' written on it in pencil.  This photo is not dated, but the style of the photo suggests to me that it was probably taken around 1900.



Another Cabinet Print by GG Mitchell

Here is a cabinet print of a lady and baby at Grierson Gordon Mitchell's studio at 1 Nicolson Square.

   Cabinet print from the studio of Grierson Gordon Mitchell  -  lady and baby


Photographers named Mitchell

Cabinet Prints