Muirhouse Towers

Muirhouse Towers  -  Demolished 1950

Muirhouse Towers, demolished 1950

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Muirhouse Towers

Demolished 1950

Muirhouse towers were mentioned by Jim Little on the Muirhouse Recollections page of this web site. 

In Muirhouse Recollections on that page, Jim wrote:

"There were two old towers there, part of an old house or castle, and there was a huge orchard behind the towers."

Now I have a photograph of these towers being demolished in 1950.  Thank you to John Dickson, Silverknowes, Edinburgh, for finding the photo and telling me about it.  The photo appeared in The Scotsman newspaper on April 13, 1950.



Can anybody tell me exactly where these two towers used to stand?   Please email me if you know the answer.    Thank you.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  September 24, 2010



Bill Craig

Purley, Croydon, London

Thank you to Bill Craig who wrote:

Muirhouse Towers

"You asked where the Muirhouse Towers stood. They were about a quarter of a mile or just slightly more along the road to the west from the roundabout at Eagle Gates.

Muirhouse Towers were just past the last line of prefabs going North/South. The road curved to the right from the tower to the south side of Silverknowes golf course.  I spent many an hour there with friends in the 1940s

I used to live in one of the Pennywell Grove prefabs.  They were lovely in summer, but absolutely freezing in winter!"

Bill Craig, Purley, Croydon, London:  April 1, 2011



Catherine Baker

Menstrie, Clackmannanshire, Scotland

Thank you to Catherine Baker who wrote:

Muirhouse Towers

"The towers were to the west of the Salveson housing estate, on  what was Muirhouse Parkway.  Silverknowes Golf Club was at the other end of the Parkway. I hope this is helpful, although it's a bit late. 

I lived on Muirhouse Parkway and my brother told me about the towers.  He always told me they were to do with the story of the book, 'Kidnapped'."

Catherine Baker, Menstrie, Clackmannanshire, Scotland:  19 August 2016



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