Fire engines standing outside

Morrison & Gibbs

Howard Street, Canonmills, Edinburgh


Fire Engines  -  1986

Morrison & Gibb, Printers & Bookbinders at Howard Place, Canonmills  -  1986

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Ian Scott, Hazlemere, Buckinghamshire, England

Morrison & Gibbs

Howard Street, Canonmills

Morrison & Gibb's printing and bookbinding works, seen here, were in Howard Place, at the southern end of Inverleith Row, at Canonmills.

This building  was demolished around 1989 and is now a bus stop lay-by with trees planted behind, as part of the scheme to convert the offices seen at the upper-right corner of this picture into Administrative Offices for Standard Life Assurance Company.

The Standard Life Office opened in 1991, but is now no longer required by the company so was put on the market in January 2005.


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