Lauriston Castle

Between Silverknowes and Cramond, Edinburgh

Overlooking the Firth of Forth,

Dining Room

Table and Tapestries

Lauriston Castle - Dining Room - October 2011

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs  with acknowledgement to City of Edinburgh Museum s & Galleries                Photo taken: October 18, 2011


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     Lauriston Castle - Dining Room - October 2011


Lauriston Castle

Dining  Room

The large tapestries around the walls in this photo are signed, H Reydams, and have the Brussels town mark.  They were for Henri Reydams (1621-79) or his son.

For several generations, the Reydams family were an important weaving family in Brussels.

Ref.  The booklet, 'Lauriston Castle: An Edinburgh villa'  (City of Edinburgh Museums & Galleries).


Lauriston Castle

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The photo at the top of this page is one of several that I took when I visited Lauriston Castle on October 18, 2011.

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Lauriston Castle

Lauriston Castle
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