A Wood's Shop

No.3 Gorgie Cottages

Gorgie, Edinburgh

Around 1914-15

No.3 Gorgie Cottages  -  A Wood's Shop  -  Around 1914-15

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Anne Wood, grand-daughter of the original owner of this shop, also Anne Wood


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   No.3 Gorgie Cottages  -  A Wood's Shop  -  Around 1914-15




Anne Wood

Thank you to Anne Wood for replying to Thomas Smith's comments in Gorgie Recollections 22.

Anne apologises for not remembering Thomas or his family, who lived at No.6 Gorgie Cottages, but says she hopes that the photo below will remind him of the shop, as it never changed!

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Anne wrote:

Gorgie Cottages

Jemima's Shop

"Jemima was my great aunt.  She had the shop at No.3 Gorgie Cottages. I used to stay there at weekends when I was growing up and always had jobs to do, stocking the shelves and using the empty boxes to weigh out a 'forpit' of tatties ready to sell the next day.

Golden Wonder Crisps cost 3d and a half loaf  cost 1/3d. Jemima lived in the shop until the it was pulled down. 

My parents, Jim and Margaret Wood, lived at No.2 Gorgie cottages from 1949 until 1955.  My dad used to go to the Cash & Carry for Jemi, or Auntie Mi as I called her.

Photo of the Shop

The shop had previously been owned by my Grandmother, Anne Wood.  Here is a photo of the shop."

"The woman on the left in this photo was my grandmother, Anne Wood, the child in the pram was Thomas, her son, my uncle.  I'm, not sure who the other woman was, Jean, I think   My uncle was born in 1913 so this picture may have been taken in 1914 or 1915."


"I remember :

Mr & Mrs Lawrie.  They had a daughter, SheilaI think their son was Alex

Mrs Greig.  She had a son Jim,

Mrs Gibb and son Peter.

Mrs Piercy,

Miss Lawrie.

Anne Wood:  April 25, 2012


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