Adverts for Businesses in Edinburgh Official Guide, 1923

Caledonian Hotel


Caledonian Hotel  -  Advertisement in Edinburgh Official Guide, 1923

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Picture on the Advert

Here is an attractive advert taken from the Edinburgh Official Guide, 1923.  The transport in the advert captures the spirit of the age. 

The is the view from one of the rooms in the Caledonian Hotel, a hotel built on top of the Caledonian Railway Station, at the junction of Lothian Road and Princes Street.

LEFT:  The buildings of Princes Street,  with the National Galleries the Scott Monument and the monuments on Calton Hill all just visible close to the centre of the picture

UPPER RIGHT: Edinburgh Castle

LOWER RIGHT:  King's Stables Road (left) and Castle Terrace (right), separated by a row of trees,  both leading towards Edinburgh Castle.


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