Tom Curr

Memorial Plaque on a Tree at


 Lilliesleaf Tree

 Memorial Plaque to Tom Curr, embedded in a tree at Lilliesleaf, near Melrose, in the Scottish Borders

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Ian Thomson, Lilliesleaf, near Melrose, Borders, Scotland




Douglas Scott

Plaques to Tom Curr

Thank you to Douglas Scott for telling me about a memorial tree on the Riddell estate, near the village of Lilliesleaf, about 5 miles north of Hawick in the Scottish Borders.

Thank you, also,  to Ian Thomson, who lives in Lilliesleaf, for allowing me to reproduce this photo.

Memorial Tree

The photograph below, also taken by Ian Thomson.  It shows several plaques on the tree at Lilliesleaf, including one to Tom Curr..

Memorial Plaque to Tom Curr, embedded in a tree at Lilliesleaf, near Melrose, in the Scottish Borders

Douglas Scott:  August 14, 2009




Les Braby

Borders, Scotland

Thank you to Les Braby who wrote:

46th Company Boys Brigade

Plaque to Tom Curr

   Memorial Plaque to Tom Curr, embedded in a tree at Lilliesleaf, near Melrose, in the Scottish Borders

"This tree is at the bottom of the field at Lilliesleaf where the 46th Coy Boys Brigade camped every summer during the Edinburgh Trades fortnight.

I was proud to be a member of the band of BBs who camped there from 1953 'till 1958. It was on one of those camps that the memorial plaque for Tom Curr was put on the tree.

I was a bugler with the Company then, and played the Last Post during the ceremony of unveiling.

Other Plaques

"Willie Johnson was the Captain at that time, with Danny Croall and Jimmy Couper being Officers in the Company also."

You'll notice that the other three plaques in the photograph are for them. I played the Last Post together with an ex-member (Walker?) for Danny Croall's plaque unveiling.

The site has great memories for 'legions' of boys and young men who were members of the 46th BB. All the boys in our street - Heriothill Terrace - and area were members and we had some great times."

Dublin Street Baptist Church

"We came under the auspices of Dublin Street Baptist Church, but we all came from different denominations and nobody cared.

We paraded at the Canonmills Primary School on a Friday evening and met at the Church Hall in Canonmills (now the Dublin Street Baptist Church) for football training and other activities during the week. There was always something to do.

The Company used to have a very active Ex-Members Association, which is the group that apparently still camps there from time to time."


"Lots of names conjure up in one's mind;  lots of great memories of a time when we were all innocent lads, with no thought but to enjoy ourselves and take advantage of the activities and parades which were offered at no charge.

The BBs was a great organisation.  It helped thousands of boys to become responsible and caring adults who fitted into all walks of life.  I still know the Object of the Boys Brigade to this day:

The Object of the Boys Brigade is:

- the Advancement of Christ's Kingdom among Boys

- the Promotion of habits, of Obedience, Discipline and Self Respect and all that tends towards a True Christian Manliness.

A Great Legacy

"Like thousands of others who came in contact with the likes of Tom Curr, Willie Johnson and other Officers of the Boys Brigade, we have been given a great legacy,

It's such a shame that organisations such as this seem to be struggling to survive.  Today's generation just don't know what they are missing.

Hopefully there are other ex-members of the 46th who will read this, and like me it will bring a tear to their eye."

Les Braby, Borders, Scotland:  May 17, 2015


Boys' Brigade

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