Granton Western Breakwater

Seen across Granton Harbour mouth from the end of Eastern Breakwater

A yacht leaves Granton Harbour, passing in front of Western Breakwater

The tip of Cramond island is in the background.  The Forth Bridge is behind the yacht, lost in the mist.

This scene may soon change as Edinburgh Waterfront developments in spread through Western Harbour.

Sailing out of Granton Harbour  -  Looking from Granton Eastern Breakwater towards Western Breakwater and the northern tip of Cramond Island  -  July 2006

 Copyright: Peter Stubbs  -   please contact                              Photograph taken on July 9, 2006 at 1.25pm


Granton Western Breakwater

Proposed developments

This view, above,  of Granton Western Breakwater and harbour entrance above may soon change.

There are proposals to enclose Granton Western Harbour more, leaving it with a narrower exit and a wider breakwater between the harbour and the Firth of Forth, as can be seen in the map at the top of the image below.

Edinburgh Waterfront  -  Building commences at Middle Pier  -  'Anchorage' apartments and plan showing other proposed developmets in Granton Western Harbour -  July 2006


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