Edinburgh Waterfront

Remains of a Wall


Granton Gas Holders

Views from the east

Remains of a wall + Granton Gas Holders

Edinburgh Waterfront  -   The remains of Granton Castle Wall and two gasometers  -  5 March 2003

 Copyright: Peter Stubbs  -   please contact peter.stubbs@edinphoto.org.uk                                         Photograph taken 5 March 2003

Remains of a wall + Granton Gas Holders

Granton Castle Wall + Gasometers

  peter.stubbs@edinphoto.org.uk                                   Photograph taken 5 March 2003


Edinburgh Waterfront

Granton Gas Holders

Views from the east

Gas Holders

Edinburgh Waterfront was until recently an area dominated by Granton Gas Works,  small industries, wasteland.

Three large gas holders that dominated the site.  The first of the three was demolished in February 2003, the month before the pictures on this page were taken.

Remains of the Wall

When I first came across the remains of this wall in the undergrowth, I thought it must have once been part of Granton Castle.

Postcard  -  Publisher unidentified  -  Granton Castle

However, I can now thank S Frame for writing:

"You have a couple of photos entitled 'Granton Castle Wall' which include a very nice wee turret thing  - not to do with Granton Castle, tho', except for the Victorian aesthetic when the Gasworks were being built.

Granton Castle and its walls were, and what remains are, a few feet to the East and North.

It was those funny turrets and the doocot that first got me looking into Granton Castle, so it must be an easy mistake to make."

S Frame, Edinburgh, Message left in EdinPhoto GuestBook, August 25, 2007



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