Cycle Track

Burdiehouse lies about 5 miles SSE of the centre of Edinburgh,
close to the Edinburgh City By-Pass.


Cycle Track probably at Burdiehouse, Edinburgh

   Reproduced with acknowledgement to Thomas Lee, Edinburgh


Cycle Track


Thank you to Thomas Lee for providing the photograph above.

Thomas wrote:

"I believe is photo was taken at the Burdiehouse (Southhouse) dip that  Bob Henderson refers to in his comments."

Thomas Lee:  January 23, 2008

See 'Cycle Recollections 2'

About half an hour after I added this picture to the web site, I received an email from Bob Henderson.

Bob wrote:

Two Tracks at Burdiehouse

"Thomas Lee is spot on with the track in the dip at Burdiehouse, but this is the Mk.2 track and a much more sophisticated one at that.

I remember it well, although by the time this pic was taken, I was married and had started a family.

The original track was further south along the dip, just about in the middle of what is now the main playground of the primary school."

Bob Henderson, Burdiehouse, Edinburgh:  January 29, 2008.



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