Waverley Market

Wall of Death


Wall of Death

Al Evans + Joey Ellis

Waverley Carnival, Wall of Death - 1958

  Scotsman Publications Ltd.   Click here for web site details.     Licensed by Scran,   Photo 99987555, Scran 000-000-066-770   :     Photo published Dec 19, 1958


Wall of Death

Five-year-old Joey Ellis on the base of the 'Wall of Death' with his uncle Al Evans. 

I don't think this performance would be likely to be approved by today's 'Health & Safety' regime - for several reasons

-  not the safest of seating positions for the five-year-old.

-  no crash helmets

-  etc!

Here is another 'Wall of Death' photo from the same Carnival:

Waverley Carnival, Wall of Death - 1958


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