Warriston Cemetery

July 2010

The base of the tomb of the Red Lady  -  Mrs Mary Ann Robertson

Warriston Cemetery  -  July 2010

   please contact peter.stubbs@edinphoto.org.uk                                           Photograph taken  July 26, 2010


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    Warriston Cemetery  -  July 2010


 Warriston Cemetery


The photograph above is of a monument near the western edge of Warriston Cemetery.


Here is another view of the same monument.  Can anybody tell me which monument this is?  Please email me if you know.

Warriston Cemetery  -  July 2010

Is the base that of the shrine to Mary Ann Robertson (1826-58) who was buried in the 'Tomb of the Red Lady'?

Shrine to Mary Ann Robertson at Warrisotn Cemetery


Thank you to Alan Wilson who replied, telling me that the photo at the top of this page is, indeed, of the Red Lady, Mrs Ann Robertson.

Alan Wilson, Trinity, Edinburgh:  August 3, 2010


Warriston Cemetery

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