Unloading pipes from a train at Seafield, Edinburgh

Unloading pipes from at train at Seafield, Edinburgh

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs                                                                                      Photograph taken 20 September 2005 at 2.22pm



Seafield is an industrial area beside the Firth of Forth between Leith and Portobello.  This view looks to the east towards Portobello. 

This was once a busy route in to the large marshalling yards in Leith Docks.  I have seen very little traffic on this line in recent years, but I believe that in there are now ( September 2005) trains:

-   to collect coal from Leith docks and

-   to deliver pipes to the pipe inspection and coating works at Leith Docks.

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In these photographs the crane is using its magnetic grip to unload one of the pipes.


End of the Line  -  Buffers on one of the railway lines at Seafield, Edinburgh


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