Holyrood Park


January 2008

Queen's Drive  -  Approaching St Leonard's from the west  -  January 2008

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs  -   please contact peter.stubbs@edinphoto.org.uk                    Photograph taken January 3, 2008 at 3.35pm


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   Queen's Drive  -  Approaching St Leonard's from the west  -  January 2008


Holyrood Park


This photograph was taken on January 3, 2008, the first day that snow fell in the winter.  There tend to be very few days when the snow lies on the ground in Edinburgh, so it did not take long for the families to arrive with their sledges.

Some of those sledging are in the foreground.  Others can be seen in the background at the top of the embankment.

The sign

The sign here, in the lower-right corner, gives information about the nearby St Leonard's entrance to to the park, but the text is almost hidden by the snow.

The stone

I did not realise when I took this photo,  but it seems that it may be what has been described by people who used to play in Holyrood Park as 'The Slidey Stane'.  The stone used to stand between the St Leonard's entrance to Holyrood Park and Jeannie Deans' House.

It may have then been moved a little further to the south to near the Fountain at the St Leonard's entrance to the park where it now holds an information board.

The view above looks towards the stone from the NE.

Here is a view of the same stone from the west:

Holyrood Park  -  This stone may well be 'The Slidey Stane' mentioned in recollecitions of Holyrood Park


Holyrood Park  Winter

Holyrood Park

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