'Gregor Paton'

returns to Granton Harbour


The trawler 'Gregor Paton' returning to Granton Harbour in the mid-1960s

Reproduced with acknowledgement John Dinwoodie                  uncertain but possibly Evening News.   Click here for web site details.


'Gregor Paton'

Thank you to John Dinwoodie for providing this photo.

John explained:

Illegal Fishing

"The photo shows the trawler 'Gregor Paton' returning to Granton, having been arrested for illegal fishing, I think in the mid-1960s.

The event was many years prior to the 'Cod Wars'.  The 'Gregor Paton' was actually arrested for fishing within Faroes' waters."

West Pier Steam Cranes

"The photo shows one of the West Pier steam cranes at Land's End " *

*  Land's End was the name that the local people gave to the area around the end of Granton Western Breakwater and Pier, close to the harbour entrance.  It's a long walk to get there from the shore!

John Dinwoodie, Granton, Edinburgh: April 6, 2009


Granton Harbour

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