Granton Harbour

Trawlers moored against Middle Pier, Granton Western Harbour

1930 or earlier (See Answer 1 below.)

Trawlers in Western Harbour, Granton

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Darnie Devlin, grandson of Thomas Leishman Devlin, trawler owner, Granton.


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  Trawlers in Western Harbour, Granton


Trawlers at Granton Harbour

The trawlers in this photo are:

A 208:    Controller

GN 22:    Contender

GN 24:    Rose

GN 37:    Benjamin Coleman

GN40:     Corialanus

GN 56:    ?

GN 101: Madden

LH 86:    Ratapiko


When was this photo taken?

What was the name of trawlerGN56?

Answer 1

Dare of the Photograph

Thank you to John D Stevenson, researcher and historian, for estimating the date of this photograph.  John tells me:

-  Olsen's Fisherman's Almanac (1929) includes GN24, a trawler named 'Rose'.  This trawler then moved to Glasgow.

Olsen's Fisherman's Almanac (1930) shows that the number GN24 has now been allocated to a different trawler, one named: 'Elise I Carnie'

So the photograph at the top of this page must have been taken in 1930 or earlier.

John D Stevenson, Trinity, Edinburgh

Answer 2

The Trawler 'Starbank'

Thank you to Dave Simpson who wrote to tell me that the name of the trawler GN56 was Starbank.

Dave added:

"There were originally two 'Starbank's (GN56 & LH154).  My grandfather worked on one of them in the 1940's, possibly LH154.

A lot of my family come from, and still live in, Granton, Newhaven and Leith.  I'm not old enough to remember the trawlers at Granton Harbour, but I've followed the family tradition and currently work in the fishing industry."

Dave Simpson, Pilton, Edinburgh: October 22+24, 2008



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