RFYC Boatyard and new Apartments at

Granton Harbour

View from near Granton Harbour Eastern Breakwater

Christmas Eve, 2010

Granton Harbour - Snow - Christmmas Eve, 2010

Peter Stubbs  -  peter.stubbs@edinphoto.org.uk                                                                                    Photo taken December 24, 2010


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    Granton Harbour - Snow - Christmmas Eve, 2010


Granton Harbour

Looking NW

The photo above was taken from the shore near the southern end of Granton Harbour Eastern Breakwater. 

This view looks to the NW across Granton Harbour to Granton Pier.  (This is the new name for the northern part of Granton Middle Pier.)

This photo was taken on a fine, sunny, early afternoon, on Christmas Eve, 2010.