Granton Harbour

Granton Pier

Christmas Eve, 2010

Granton Harbour - Snow - Christmmas Eve, 2010

Peter Stubbs  -                                                                                    Photo taken December 24, 2010


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    Granton Harbour - Snow - Christmmas Eve, 2010


Granton Harbour

Central Pier

Looking NW

This view looks to the NW across Granton Eastern Harbour to the northern end of Granton Central Pier, now re-named Granton Pier.

The circular building with the high windows in the centre is the Forth Pilots' Office.  Three of thier boats can be seen beneath it.  Further to the left, some of the Royal Forth Yacht Club (RFYC) yachts are moored.

Many yachts are moored in the centre of Granton Eastern Harbour in the summer months, but they are taken out of the water for the winter.

The coast of Fife, with snow lying on the hills, can be seen in the background.