Fisheries Protection Vessel

FC Brenda



I asked John Stevenson, Trinity, Edinburgh, what the abbreviation 'FC' stood for, above. 
Thank you, John, for providing the answer:  'Fisheries Cruiser'.

John explained:

"For the record, the Fishery Board vessels sailed under the 'Blue Ensign', their Masters being ex RN officers"                                John Stevenson:  January 31, 2010

Postcard posted 1906

The Crew of Minesweeper MFV1024 - Photo taken in 1945

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Alastair McBeath, Granton, Edinburgh


Sailor on board FC Brenda


Thank you Alastair McBeath for allowing me to reproduce this photo. 

Alastair wrote:

"This is a used postcard, dated April 12th 1906.  There is no publisher indicated. It came from a private photo collection. The postcard has a handwritten title - 'F.C. Brenda - Granton Harbour, Leith'.

A little bit of research suggests that there was an  early version of a fishery protection vessel called Brenda stationed at Granton Harbour.  Who knows more ?"

Alastair McBeath, Granton, Edinburgh:  January 22, 2010

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John Stevenson

Trinity, Edinburgh

Thank you to John Stevenson who wrote:


"Here's what I have on BRENDA:

-  Steel screw steamer:  'Fishery Protection Cruiser'

-  Completed 1898 by J. Reid & Co., Ltd., Port Glasgow.

-  174 GRT

-  125ft L, 21ft B, 10ft D.

-  Triple expansion steam engine and one single ended coal fired boiler both supplied by Hall-Brown Buttery & Co., Glasgow

-  750 IHP. Service speed 12.5 knots

-  Fitted with electricity

-  Owners  : Fishery Board for Scotland.

Fishery Protection

BRENDA was built , at a cost of 13,000 , ( 6,000 for hull) for the specific task of patrolling the area from Firth of Forth north to Rattray Head .

Based primarily at Granton, she was often berthed at Leith when bring repaired

The newspapers carry many reports of BRENDA's crew 'enforcing the law' among fishermen on the east coast of Scotland.  Fines varied from a 50 fine in 1900 to one of 5,900 in 1950!

1899  7th February. Took action against Cockenzie and Port Seton fishing vessels who were accused of using illegal nets.

18th February.  While on a patrol towards Kinnaird Head she ran aground, in thick fog, 1/2mile  NE of Gourdon.

The vessel was eventually refloated by East Coast Salvage Co., Montrose, and towed to Leith by Leith tug CLYDE,  where S & H Morton carried out extensive repairs at a cost of 1,363.10.0d.


-   1914:  Requisitioned by Royal Navy for service as an 'Examination Vessel'.

-   1919:   Returned to owners.

-   October 1920:  Re-boilered. and 'fittings upgraded'

-   September 1921: Returned to service.

-   August 1939:  Requisitioned by Royal Navy for service as an 'Examination Vessel' based in Firth of Forth.

-   March1946:  Returned to owners

Broken Up

-   November 1951:  Withdrawn from service and broken up at Port Glasgow by James Lamont & Co.


There was a BRENDA (2), 1951 to 1982 .  Sold to Panamanian owners for use as a yacht."

John Stevenson, Trinity, Edinburgh:  January 30, 2010

Sources used in Joun Stevenson's reply:

"Lloyds List", "Scottish Fishery Protection" by Graeme Somner, "Scotsman" archive, "Press & Journal " archive and various other newspapers , Fishery Board archives and private research




Walter Lyle Hume

Cowes, Isle of Wight, England

Thank you to Walter Lyle Hume who wrote:


"I remember the Fishery Cruiser, Brenda well when she was based at Leith, usually using the East Old dock."

Walter Lyle Hume, Cowes, Isle of Wight, England:  January 30, 2010

Further Details

Thank you to Walter for also sending me details matching those supplied by John Stevenson in his 1st and 3rd paragraphs above.  (The message from Walter arrived just as I was adding John's message to the web site.)