Edinburgh Waterfront

Granton Middle Pier

Walter K Paton Lorry  -  opposite West Pier, Granton  -  c.1962

John Reid on Middle Pier, Granton Harbour, around 1960s

Pat and John Reid, Granton, Edinburgh.    Reproduced with acknowledgement to Andrew Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne, England


Granton Middle Pier

Unloading the Trawler

Thank you to Pat and John Reid, Granton, Edinburgh, for allowing me to reproduce the photograph above, and to Andrew Hall who runs the Granton Trawlers web site for providing a copy of the photo.

Andrew wrote:

"Here is John Reid, sitting on a Walter K Paton lorry in the WKP yard opposite the West Pier, Granton.  Thomas L Devlin took over the yard from Walter K Paton.

John Reid worked for Walter K Paton and then for Thomas L Devlin.  He worked as a box washer in the 1950s and 1960s.  This photograph was taken around the 1960s."

Andrew Hall, Newcastle, England: May 18, 2008


Here are two more Granton photos from Pat and John Reid

John Reid unloading a TL Devlin Trawler on Middle Pier at Granton Harbour    


T L Devlin

Please click here to read more about T L Devlin and his trawling business at Granton.