Net Works, Granton

Around 1970

Cosalt net works, Granton - around 1970

  Cosalt International Ltd, Leith, Edinburgh.    Photographer:  Ron Taylor, Musselburgh.

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Andy Hall who provided these photos and to
Margaret Wallace and her Aunt Margaret MacDonald. who sent the photos to Andy Hall.


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   Cosalt net works, Granton - around 1970



Cosalt Net Works

Thank you to Andy Hall for sending me the photos above, that he got from two contacts.

Andy has also set up a web site giving the history of the trawlers that sailed from Granton.

Andy writes:

Cosalt  -  1970s

"The photos are of the net making store of The Great Grimsby Cosalt and Tanning Co Ltd.  They had this yard to the rear of the bank at Granton Square.

The company also had a store / shop on the Middle Pier where the fisherman would buy  gloves, sea boots, mattresses, blankets and basically almost all items of clothing.

Andy Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne, England:  March 6 2008



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