Granton Breakwater


Looking from Eastern Breakwater towards

Granton Western Breakwater

Looking to the west from the end of Granton Harbour's Estern Breakwater

 Copyright: Peter Stubbs  -   please contact                                 Photograph taken at 2.00pm, 18 July 2004

Granton Breakwater

This photograph is taken from beside the 'white box' at the end of Granton Harbour's Eastern Breakwater, towards the Western Breakwater, soon to be transformed as part of the Edinburgh Waterfront project.

There is a sailing boat entering the harbour after competing in an East Coast Sailing Week regatta and a plane just visible above the Western Breakwater as it approaches Edinburgh Airport beyond Cramond.

Cramond Island is about four miles to the west of Granton Harbour, and the Forth Bridges behind it are about five miles further to the west.

Please click on the image below to see a view from this position, but using a wider angle lens.

The remains of the old wooden pier at the end of Granton Harbour.'s Eastern Breakwater


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