Around Edinburgh


Grangemouth lies on the southern shore of the Firth of Forth

about 20 miles upstream (west) from Edinburgh.

Looking across Grangemouth Docks  -  2009

 Photograph looking across Grangemouth Docks, 2009

  James Miller, Grangemouth, Central Scotland                                                                             Photograph taken:  February 2009



Thank you to James Miller for allowing me to reproduce his recent photo of Grangemouth Docks (above).

James wrote:

"The photo above is approximately the same view as the early photo below.  Both photos were taken from about the same position.

 Photograph from the early 1900s by James Hay  -  probably of Grangemouth Docks

In the recent photo:

-  The buildings to the left are the remnants of the ICI factory,  now split up and under various owners.

-   The large green shed to the right belongs to a company called Finnforest who are the successors to the Muirhead Timber Company."

Acknowledgement:  James Miller, Grangemouth, Scotland:  February 13, 2009