Edinburgh International Festival

Virgin Money Fireworks Concert



View from Calton Hill

Edinburgh Castle, Fireworks, Clock Tower of Balmoral Hotel

Edinburgh International Festival - Virgin Money Festival Fireworks Concert, 2011

 peter.stubbs@edinphoto.org.uk                                Photo taken September 4, 2011,    Canon EOS 7D, 59mm,   3.2 sec, f8, 100 ASA


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    Edinburgh International Festival - Virgin Money Festival Fireworks Concert, 2011



Fireworks Concert

The fireworks concert is held in early September each year, on the final weekend of the Edinburgh International Festival.  For many years, this was The Royal Bank of Scotland Fireworks Concert, but it now has a new sponsor and has become the Virgin Money Fireworks Concert.

The fireworks can be seen from Arthur's Seat, Inverlieth Park and many other sites around Edinburgh.  I took my photos from Calton Hill.

Photography Note

This is the first time for several years. that I have photographed this Festival Fireworks Concert, and the first time that I've used a digital camera to photograph it.

It was good to be able to check the results immediately after taking photos, rather than have to wait a couple of days until the film was processed to find out how accurate my exposures had been.

I set up the camera on a tripod, and set it to manual focus (focused on the Balmoral Hotel clock tower).  I set it to manual exposure, and estimated the exposures according to how bright the fireworks appeared to be, and how much action there was in the sky.

I've given exposure details beneath each of the fireworks photos on the web site.

The weather was mild and the rain held off until just after the concert ended.  There wais not a lot of light on Calton Hill so I needed to use my torch as well as the camera.