View from Dumbiedykes Road

'The Plantation'
The Big Green

'The Plantation' and 'The Big Green', Dumbiedykes Road

The Big Green, seen from the greens in front of 'The Balconies', Dumbiedykes Road

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Jean Rae, who lived at 34 Dumbiedykes Road until its demolition in the 1960s


Dumbiedykes Road


Here is a view, looking to the SE from the greens in front of 'The Balconies' in Dumbiedykes Road.  Snow can be seen on the greens in the foreground, and on the open area beyond, where 'The Brickies' tenements used to stand.

The area of trees on the edge of Holyrood Park, beyond the open snow-covered land, was known as 'The Plantations'

The housing on the right of the picture was at 'The Big Green'.

The Big Green, seen from the greens in front of 'The Balconies', Dumbiedykes Road

Salisbury Crags in Holyrood Park can be seen in the background.


I believe that this part of Dumbiedykes Road was between its junctions with Waterston Avenue and Prospect Place, under the red border line at the NE corner of St Leonard district on the map below.

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Edinburgh and Leith map, 1940  -  Dumbiedykes and St Leonards  section


Jean Rae who provided the photograph at the top of this page was born at  'The Balconies' , 34 Dumbiedykes Road.  The photo is taken from the greens in front of her house. 

She recalls running down the lane,  ahead and 'dreeping down' the wall into 'The Plantations'.    Dreep = drip. i.e. hold on to the top of the wall and lower yourself down.

'The Plantations' was an area of trees, better seen on this photograph, taken after 'The Brickies' housing had been demolished.



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